Players aren't just waiting for their turn in VR

Wacktory™ is a new take on cooperative gameplay that pushes the limits of both Virtual Reality and traditional couch co-op where players work together to beat the clock and create the most advanced product ever seen—The Cube.

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Meet the Team

We are a small, driven, independent development team of 12 students from UC Santa Cruz, Ca. Wacktory’s members come from diverse backgrounds and possess a wide variety of skills. Being a small team, everyone wears multiple hats. Sometimes we even wear the same hat--namely, a hard hat!

Talon Baker

Producer • Programmer

Nichole Wilkinson

Art Lead

Josh Clouse

Programmer • Music Designer

Zack Lawrence


Reed Scriven


Dustin Halsey

Lead Programmer

Jeremy Lafond

Programmer • Lead Sound Designer

Sandra Latt

3D Art

Salvador Galindo


Herman Wu

3D Animation • Technical Art

Terence So

Lead Concept Artist

Taylor Reyland

Lead 3D Modeler • Art Coordinator

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